Patrice Story Bio

My name is Patrice Story and I’m originally from Richmond VA and a native of Atlanta for 11 yrs. My passion for makeup kind of happened suddenly. Growing up a tomboy most of my life makeup was never a part of my everyday routine. It wasn’t until summer 2011 I discovered the love of the art for makeup artistry. .In 2007 is really when makeup discovered me during my first fashion show as a plus model. That was my first time ever wearing makeup and I teared up after getting my makeup done. I had never seen myself look so beautiful. Throughout the years after that I kind of just watched other people and played with my own face. Never in a million years did I think I would fall in love with the art or makeup which now is my passion. 2011 it became an obsession and I wanted to know more about the art of application that YouTube don’t teach you so I saved my coins and invested my money into going to a makeup school. This was by far was the best investment I could have ever done. Since then I have worked on numerous fashion shows, video shoots, tv pilots, few celebrities, local magazines, traveled the US and more. My goal is to make everyone look and feel beautiful as I did that day makeup discovered me.

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